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The agencies / individuals desirous of making use of the services of the company are required to register with the company on payment of required fee as "Registered service user". 

Registration for "Registered service users" is subject to approval of Board of Directors and furnishing of all correct details. 

The "Registered service user" would not be a member of the company.

"Registered service users" will get the following benefits:

1)  The readily available general information that can be transferred electronically, would be available free of cost. 
2)  20 per cent discount on chargeable services*.
3)  10 per cent discount on registration fee for seminars, conferences, etc.
4)  Automatic information of new activities / events. 
* except consultancy projects and seminars, conferences, etc.

Registered Service Users Fees / Annum

Group-I: Fly Ash Brick Manufacturers 

Installed Capacity                                   Amount in Rs. 

Upto 15000 nos. /day                                       5000/-  
15001 nos./day to 50000 nos. /day                  7500/-
>50000 nos. /day                                            10000/-

Group-II: Cement Plant

Size                                                               Amount in Rs. 

Mini cement plant                                              7500/-  
UPto 1 million tonne capacity                           15000/-
>1 million tonne to 2.5 million tonne                30000/-
>2.5 million tonne                                            40000/-

Group-III: Thermal Power Plant

Installed Capacity                                       Amount in Rs. 

Upto 100 MW                                                   10000/-
101 - 250 MW                                                  20000/-
251 - 1000 MW                                                30000/-
> 1000  MW                                                     40000/-

Group-IV: Other Industries (Other than consulting agencies)

Annual Turn over                                           Amount in Rs. 

< 1 crore                                                            5000/-  
1 crore - 10 crore                                              10000/-
>10 crore - 50 crore                                          20000/-
>50 crore - 100 crore                                        30000/-
more than 100 crore                                         40000/-

Group-V: Consulting Agencies / Individual Consultants / Professionals

Annual Turn over                                         Amount in Rs. 

< 1 crore                                                            5000/-  
1 crore - 2 crore                                                10000/-
2 crore - 4 crore                                                20000/-
4 crore - 7 crore                                                30000/-
more than 7 crore                                             40000/-

Group-VI: Academic & R&D Institutions

College / State Level Institute                            5000/-
Universities / National Institutions                    10000/-


For Non-commercial interest                               3000/-  
Students                                                             1500/- 

Life time registeration for service user:One time payment equivalent to 8 years annual membership fee for each category.

Select Registration term Annual Life Time
If You have already filled Free registration form Plese Enter Registration No.  
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