FAU-DST Reports
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Sr. No. Thrust Area/Report Title Page No. Availability of Copy
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Manufacture of Cold Setting Fly Ash Bricks/Products with more than 80% Ash 151
Production of Sintered Aggregate and Pozzolanic Aggregate of Fly Ash 97
Preparation of Baseline Document on Fly Ash Utilization for Extraction of Minerals, Metals and High Value-Added Products 131
Synthesis, characterization and applications of several catalytic materials 127
Technology forecasting and assessment for the area fly ash utilization for extraction of minerals, materals and high value-added products 247
Studies on sintered fly ash aggregates 126
Utilization of fly ash in ceramic applications 195
Development of fly ash filled recycled rubber pavement tiles for side walk 79
Evaluation of flow and in-place strength characteristics of fly ash composite materials 99