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Sr. No. Thrust Area/Report Title Page No. Availability of Copy
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Comparative durability study of fly ash bricks Vis-a-Vis burnt clay bricks - Dhanbad 123
Comparative durability study of clay fly ash bricks Vis-a-Vis burnt clay bricks-Bhopal 124
Comparative durability of fly ash bricks Vis-a-Vis fly ash lime bricks- Roorkee 161
Techno-feasibility and Process Demonstration-cum-Training Program for The manufacture of Clay-Fly Ash Bricks at MAHAGENCO TPPS in Maharashtra State 228
Process for High Volume Flux Bonded fly ash building components 62
Mathematical modeling for the mix design of cement bonded fly ash bricks 323
Granulometric and mineralogical evaluation of fly ash for brick making and allied civil works in Northern Region 129