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Bulk Scale Utilization of Coal Ash in Agriculture and for reclamation of Waste/Degraded lands of Murshidabad District in West Bengal 52
Extended Studies on Long Term Effects of Fly Ash Application in Agriculture Lands of Birbhum District (W.B) and its Popularization through Field Demonstration  
Selected Technology Project for Fly ash Disposal and Utilization in Agriculture 45
Long Term effect of Fly Ash on soil fertility and crop yield at NTPC, Rihand Nagar (U. P.) 58
Utilization of Fly Ash in Agriculture 373
Potential Use of Fly Ash for Enhancing Crop Production 576
Utilization of Fly Ash and Organic Wastes in restoration of crop land Ecosystem 680
Utilization of fly ash for soil amendment to increase forest productivity 139
Application of fly ash as a soil enricher for saline and degraded land in arid zone 41
Popularization of beneficial uses of fly ash from HWP, Manuguru for cultivation of different crops amongst local farmers field 82
Use of Fly Ash as a soil reclaimant alone or in combination with other soil reclaiming agent 144
Application of Fly Ash, organic manure and mycorrhizal biofertiliser for improvement in tree plantation in degraded soils 28
Effect of Fly ash on the quality and Nutritional Aspects of Agriculture and Horticulture produce 76
Effect of Fly Ash (Angul) on Soil Fertility and Crop Yield  
Bulk utilization of pond ash for wasteland development at MPEB, Sarni (M.P) 117
Large Scale demonstration on use of Vermicomposted Fly Ash in Agriculture 50
Evaluation of impact of Ammonia dosing on properties of Fly Ash vis--vis agriculture-related applications 27
Utilization of Fly Ash as Ameliorant for Improving Forage Productivity in Bundelkhand Soils 122
Use of Pond Fly Ash for Efficient Management of Irrigation Water and Fertilizers in Rice-Wheat Production System 25
Utilization of Fly ash at Thermal Power Stations of MAHAGENCO (Erstwhile MSEB) Under MAHAGENCO (Bhusawal, Parli, Paras and Nashik) 151
Utilization of Fly ash at Thermal Power Stations of MAHAGENCO (Erstwhile MSEB) Under MAHAGENCO (Khaparkheda, Koradi and Chandarpur)  
Technological Forecasting and Assessment of Future Fly Ash use in agriculture in India 152
(xxiii) Use of Fly Ash as a Carrier in Pesticide Formulations 54
(xxiv) Exploiting Fly Ash in Minimizing Herbicide Transport in Agricultural soils 133

Plan and strategy document for increasing agriculture yield by atleast 10% through fly ash technology


Baseline document on fly ash utilization and safe management in agriculture and waste land development


Genetic monitoring of inoculated beneficial soil microbes in fly ash treated soils